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  • Increased capabilities
  • Increased control over your promotion execution
  • Reduce your need for multiple suppliers
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Fulfilment Solutions

Over 30 years experience in Promotional Execution for Canada's biggest brands.

  • Online Rewards Solution


    Created a solution that facilitates our clients need to:

    • Develop and effectively communicate with a database of customers,
    • Segment customers and communicate/ provide incentive/ sell products to accordingly online,

    After thoroughly analyzing our clients’ current process, objectives for future growth and “wish list”, executing focus groups as well as research and development; PS created the solution that has exceeded our clients’ expectations and assisted in growing its business.

    PS designed and developed an online product ordering and rewards system (“VIP”) that allows our Client to communicate directly with each franchise Customer throughout the year. Customers have the ability to view products and promotions, as well as place orders at any time. Our client has the ability to provide incentives, sell products and implement promotions to specific customers, groups of customers or the customer base as a whole.

    Key Features include:
    • The ability to order products at any time, online.
    • The ability to view past orders, re-order while making adjustments for the coming season.
    • The ability for our clients’ customers to view rewards status and redeem rewards directly online.
    • The ability to initiate an order, save it and conferee with our clients’ sales team prior to submitting.
    • An admin user approval process, so that our Client can approve users prior to allowing them entrance into the VIP system
    • Value add features for our clients customers such as:
      • Downloadable Planograms
      • Downloadable AdMats
      • Downloadable Product Information Guide
      • Downloadable Product Catalogue
      • Product training (ELearning) for Customers employees
      • Ability to view Commercials
      • Ability to view Video News Releases
      • Ability to share Advertisements

    In order to assist with the transition from an offline order form to an online order form and reduce the learning curve when the VIP system launched, PS developed a series of “how to” videos that provided Customers with information on how to navigate and utilize VIP.


    This system has separated our Client apart from its’ competition, provided Customers with incentives to purchase our Clients’ products, increased the ease of ordering products from our Client over its’ competition, decreased the time sales representatives are required to spend with each Customer at a trade show, and provided our Client the ability to track orders and users activity leading to targeted sales activity and ultimately increased sales volumes.


    Business Situation

    Husqvarna was interested in expanding their presence in the market place by providing incentives to consumers through premium and rebate offers. Promotion Solutions challenge was to create an easy and effective manner for which consumers can claim an offer online while also providing a cost effective solution to Husqvarna.


    A premium offer & rebate offer were created in which consumers would be directed to Husqvarna.ca to generate traffic back to the Sponsors website where there is a link to the promotion microsite hosted by Promotion Solutions. Consumers would complete their information at the microsite and would also receive a unique barcode. This would serve as the consumers claim form which when mailed in and received by Promotion Solutions; would then be scanned and matched to the consumer’s information from the microsite. The online claim form created an easy and effective manner for consumers to complete their information while also decreasing the costs of processing each claim as well as decreasing the cost of in-store tear-pads.


    By providing Husqvarna with our services from the conceptual stage, Promotion Solutions was able to guide the Sponsor in the right direction with regards to how to achieve their goals and create a positive brand experience for the consumer while also providing a cost effective solution. In providing a “one stop shop” for all of Husqvarna’s rebate & premium needs, Promotion Solutions developed the concept, artwork & online premium site and also executed the program through processing the claims, consumer inquiries and all premium & rebate fulfillment. Consumer inquiries were also reduced due to Promotion Solutions online rebate or premium consumer look up system.

    Premium Offer
  • Quiznos

    Business Situation

    Quiznos approached Promotion Solutions to assist them in the development of a national campaign. Quiznos’ goals were to create hype in store & drive consumers to the Facebook site to gain “likes”. Promotion Solutions challenge was to create a complete solution incorporating 3 million prizes into a scratch & win promotion whilst keeping in mind the goal of increasing “likes”.


    A national instant win promotion and national sweepstakes promotion were conceived and both promotions were housed on the Quiznos Canada Facebook Page. In-Store scratch cards were developed to reveal the prize which directed customers to then visit Quiznos Facebook page, like the page, and redeem their prize through an application. Promotion Solutions created the Facebook Application in which customers could redeem their instant win scratch card prize and/or enter the national sweepstakes promotion. Online Contest banners were also created to drive consumers to the Facebook page to enter the national sweepstakes promotion which in turn advertised the instant win promotion steering consumers to Quiznos restaurants in order to receive their instant win scratch card. National television media and in-store POS materials also helped drive consumers to the Facebook Page. Within the first 2 weeks, Promotion Solutions was able to assist Quiznos in doubling their Facebook “likes”, achieving positive results for the Sponsor.


    From the conceptual stage to the execution and fulfillment of the promotions, Promotion Solutions provided a “One Stop Shop” for all of Quiznos’ contesting needs. By utilizing Promotion Solutions from beginning to end, Quiznos benefited from Promotion Solution’s industry knowledge and services for the development of the concept to drive consumers to the Facebook Page and generate hype in store, creation of the scratch cards, creation of the Facebook application, and winner declaration & fulfillment.

  • Mott's


    Promotion Solutions’ (“PS”) client (“Client”) is a consumer packaged goods company with a beverage division that needed to boost sales during the holiday season and winter months as its’ products are primarily purchased during summer months. The Client was looking for a way to provide consumers an incentive to purchase its’ products during the winter months. The Client also had a supply of branded merchandise that could be used to incentivize consumers into purchasing its’ product.

    How We Did It

    PS was responsible for:

    • Developing and managing the mail in offer program
    • Managing the fulfillment of consumers’ claims
    • Inventory management of the premium items
    • Managing consumer inquiries

    PS developed and managed a mail in offer program that required consumers to purchase two of the Clients’ products and mail in a claim form along with a sales receipt as proof of purchase. PS developed the terms and conditions, managed the receipt of consumer claims, processed the claims and fulfilled the consumer claims using the Clients’ premium items stored at PS’ warehouse. PS also set up an online system that allowed consumers to check the status of their claims as well as a 1-800 number that consumers could call if they had any questions regarding the status of their claim.


    The program ran for a total of 4 months and over 20,000 consumer claims were received, by far exceeding the Clients initial estimate of 5,000 claims. Upon completion of the program, the Client was able to learn more about its target market’s demographics as well as add to its e-mail database which allowed the Client to easily reach out to its’ customers.

  • Online Training Tool


    Promotion Solutions’ (“PS”) client (“Client”) is a CPG company that sells its’ products in a variety of retail channels throughout North America. Due to the competitive nature of its category, sales depend greatly on each retail employee’s product knowledge, as well as their preferred brand to recommend. Due to the fact that each retail channel has its’ own policy regarding contacting its’ employees, providing employee lists to manufacturers or allowing employees to earn incentives, PS Client was in need of a solutions to achieve their objective.


    PS developed an online training and rewards solution, and launch strategy, which allowed PS Client to:

    • Gather a retail employee database across channels.
    • Communicate with retail employees on a per channel, all channels, and per province basis.
    • Provide incentive to retail employees to complete the training.
    • Maintain the flexibility to change and grow year over year.
    • Utilize a robust administration and reporting system that provided insightful analytics and system control.
    • Have everything in one intuitive, user friendly system.

    PS met with its Client to discuss all of their frustration and develop a “wish list” for features. PS then analyzed all of the information and began work on a strategy, system wireframe, budget and work back schedule. After review and approval with PS Client, PS began programming and recording of the videos.

    The launch strategy included PS Client negotiating with the retailers to allow for an employee registration reward. PS sold this concept based on the fact the retailers would benefit from a more educated retail staff, which would drive repeat business. The majority of retailers took part in the promotion 85%. PS designed, printed and distributed a “break room” poster that encouraged employees to register and advised of the bonus. In addition to the registration bonus, PS implemented a training completion incentive. In addition, employees who completed the program received a certificate of acknowledgment; which typically ended up being proudly displayed in stores.

    Retailers that did not allow the incentives still saw the value in employee training. For these retailers PS implemented a “version 2” of the “break room” poster that promoted the benefits of the website and training, without advertising the rewards. To avoid promoting the rewards to these retail employees online, the rewards were available based on the locations that employees registered for; keeping all employees satisfied as they were not aware if they were missing out.

    PS implemented a number of tactics within the website to ensure that the system could not be manipulated, and that activity tracking was robust and insightful for the purpose of increasing the knowledge for improvement opportunities in the systems future.

    PS managed all aspects from strategy to design, website development, printing and distribution of promotional materials, sourcing and purchase of rewards, rewards fulfillment, production and creation of videos and quizzes.


    PS has refreshed this site each year for the past four years in an efficient manner. PS provides insightful website and training analytics, making suggestions for growth opportunities each year. Registration in the system has increase year over year by 25% and the feedback





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